Mark Roberts

Managing Director

Relentless upholder of company values and chief caretaker of all of our people. Here to make sure we do everything possible to provide a great service

Matthew Hull

Managing Director - Onsite Managed Services

Strategist of all things within the shape-shifting world of delivering high-volume, onsite solutions for large industrial operations. Ultimately focus

Gary Richards

Operations Director

Builder and maintainer of open and consultative working relationships across our national client base – firm believer that a partnership approac

Darren Davis

Regional Director

Proud leader of the South West teams; champion of coaching and developing their talents, supporting their progression as we evolve in this ever-changi

Chrissie Small

Regional Director

Coach, challenger, and creator of a positive and inclusive working environment for our North Wales and National Recruitment Centre teams. Consultative

Vicky Harris

Regional Director

Service-focused leader and motivator of the pretty amazing North West and Midlands teams (not biased at all). Troubleshooter, organisational-maestro,

Natasha Thomas

UK Sales Director

Listener, identifier of pain points, solutions provider - here to passionately explain why not all agencies are the same! Leader of company sales stra

Gary Cottom

Group Financial and Commercial Director

Guardian of company finances, challenger of the status quo, and leader of the finance teams responsible for managing group assets and liabilities. For

Lyndsey Hampson

Financial Controller

Leader of the fab finance team, who together keep our managers and external stakeholders fully up-to-date with our financial data.  Controller of

Ross Wallace

Operations Director

Operator through and through – out and about rather than sat at a desk wherever possible! Passionate about the work ethic and values needed to d

Lisa Meredith

Group Head of Compliance

Fiercely passionate perfectionist and establisher of the highest compliance standards. Strategist, preventer of problems, and simplifier of red tape,

Laura McGarry

Regional Director

Problem solver, mentor, and leader of the teams in that there Yorkshire land. Champion of customer service and engagement, and adorer of data to suppo

Susan Cross

Bid Manager

Creator of persuasive proposals and PowerPoint presentations. Crafter of compelling PQQs, RFIs, RFQs and tender submissions. Brand protector, occasion

Claire Roberts

Head of HR

Holder of multiple unofficial job roles that make up the official one; peacemaker, solicitor, detective, teacher, keeper of secrets, queen of organisa

Charlotte Owens

Payroll Manager

Interpreter of government legislation, obsessive data checker, and excel fiend. Leader of the fabulous payroll team who keep gap’s national work

Natalie Clifford

Client Strategy Director

Active listener, relationship builder, and solutions provider. Identifying the needs of new and existing clients with high volume requirements and del

Chris Twidale

Senior Credit Manager

gap sheriff, bad debt eliminator and leader of the credit control trailblazers. Dedicated to ensuring the business maintains our market-leading credit

Richard Thorne

Operations Director

Leader, coach, and advocate of the high performing teams across our South region. Supporting the growth and development of our business and yours by f

Ross Sullivan

Operations Director - North

Extrovert who loves being surrounded by positivity and enthusiasm. Instiller of self-belief in people to the levels their talent deserves. Always on t